Arkansas State Trapshooting Federation

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ATA and State memberships are required
to shoot in any Registered ATA  shoot.

Arkansas Trapshooting Federation (ASTF) Membership

The ASTF is not currently set up to offer online membership. 
However, ASTF membership can be obtained at any registered ATA shoot during the registration process. 

Annual ASTF Membership $5  
Youth ASTF Lifetime Membership $20  
Adult ASTF Lifetime Membership $35

To speed up the registration process, Print the Membership form, fill it out and present it at registration of your next ATA shoot (in Arkansas).

ASTF Membership form

ATA & AIM Memberships

ATA & AIM Memberships can be obtained on line at
or at any registered shoot.

On line ATA Membership

On line AIM Membership

Mail in AIM & ATA Membership