Gerald Pennock, 2008 ASTF Hall of Fame Inductee

Gerald Pennock 2008 ASTF Hall of Fame inducteeGerald Pennock 2008 ASTF Hall of Fame

Gerald shot his first ATA registered targets at Helena Gun Club in 1971.  During his career, he has shot at gun clubs in TN, OK & LA as well as every active gun club in AR-Fayetteville, Mountain Home, Hot Springs, Helena, and Remington Gun Club in Lonoke. Gerald was quick learner and soon started winning trophies at all those gun clubs, one of his favorites being Oak Grove, LA club, where he once won 4 out of 5 handicap events at one of their Marathon Shoots, also easily winning that clubs HOA trophy as well.  Gerald has over 100 trapshooting wins, some of his favorites being: 8 big wings in Singles, Doubles, & Handicap Championships at AR State Shoot; 5 SW Zone title; & over 30 wings at his favorite gun club, the Remington Gun Club at Lonoke.  He has registered 29,600 Singles, 21,750 Handicap, & 11,500 Doubles targets, & his high averages qualified him for the ASTF State Team in 1983.

When the AR State Shoot moved from Fayetteville to Lonoke, Gerald was one of a small group of shooters who worked tirelessly & very much “behind the scenes” to get the Remington Gun Club ready for hosting State Shoots.  Not too many people knew this about Gerald (and even fewer would actually do this), but he gave up several hard earned vacations to work at gun clubs ahead of time to help them get ready for shoots.  He volunteered to set targets, be a trap mechanic, & could fix almost any gun that broke.  From 1980 to 1993, Gerald also served as VP, Director, or Referee every single one of those years.  He also served on the Handicap & Shootoff Committees and was a financial donor to the ASTF for many years.  In addition to all this service to the ASTF, one of Gerald’s biggest contributions to trapshooting was when he and his father built 2 traps in their back yard & allowed many shooters the chance to learn how to shoot on their own time, at their own speed-some of those shooters are currently shooting today & shooting quite well, thanks to the efforts of Gerald!

Gerald Albert Pennock
May 17, 1939 - April 11, 2012


Gerald Albert Pennock, 72, of Cabot died Wednesday, April 11, 2012. He was born May 17, 1939 in Lonoke County to Julian G and Ila Swaim Pennock. A member of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Mr. Pennock worked at the Jacksonville Chemical Plant for 15 years, then Remington Arms for 25 years as an explosives handler.

Gerald Pennock and DustyGerald was born and raised just south of Cabot.  He discovered his greatest passion to be quail hunting.  He spent 4 decades training dogs and chasing the elusive bob white.  Along the way, there were many friendships made and he quickly gained the reputation of being a crack shot.

In the 70’s; he fell in love a second time with trapshooting.  He became a lifetime member of the Arkansas State Trapshooting Federation and the Amateur Trapshooting Association.   Gerald won many trophies in & out of state.  In 2008, he was inducted into the Arkansas Trapshooter’s Hall of Fame due to accomplishments on & off the field.  But the biggest trophy that Gerald would ever receive would be the countless number of friends he made along the way.  

In his retirement years, Gerald would fall in love once more when he took up bow hunting.  He could be caught many a time by friends and family practicing in the back yard for that big buck. 

Gerald’s greatest love of all was his family.  He enjoyed spending time with them and reminiscing over the good ‘ole days; especially over a game of dominos.   No story was ever the same.  Little did he know that no matter how many accomplishments he had; the respect and love of his family and friends would be the biggest one of all.